ThreeNow’s hit reality TV show is once again on New Zealand’s screens and, for the sixth year running, Firth has been part of the action supplying products.

The popular DIY show, which airs from Sunday to Wednesday nights each week, follows the progress of four couples over ten weeks as they compete against each other by completing challenges whilst renovating and designing houses to sell at auction.

This year the show is set in the Auckland suburb of Northcote on the North Shore where four brand new townhouses are being designed and built from the ground up.

“We have been very happy and excited to be involved with the show right from the beginning,” says Lyn Kehely, Product Marketing Manager for Firth. “We have supplied a variety of products over the years that are used during filming. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our range. This year we supplied Certified Concrete and Designer Focus Bricks, and Designer Paving for the four new townhouses.”

To follow the progress of each of the couples tune into The Block on ThreeNow - Sunday to Wednesday nights from 7.30 to 8.30pm.