With 140 berths now in the new Te Ana Marina facility, the second part of stage one is complete. This stage has involved the redevelopment of the old Wool Store and foreshore facilities, which have been welcomed by berth holders and locals as they enjoy Christchurch’s newest hospitality hub.

Stage one of the foreshore development, along with the construction of the new floating marina, involved the refurbishment of the existing Wool Store which was strengthened and upgraded with efforts to retain many of the unique features and characteristics of the original building ready for its new commercial tenants which will include cafes and restaurants. The outdoor facilities are also now complete with the expertise of the Firth and Canterbury Concrete teams once again called on for specialist concrete mixes to fulfil the landscape design developed by Boffa Miskell Landscape Architects, who were assigned with the task of tying the new marina to the land and its history by LPC. 

18 07 Te Ana Marina 036

Hilary Blackburn, Landscape Architect for Boffa Miskell says the goal was to create an attractive public space for the people of Christchurch and Lyttelton which would encourage them to enjoy the harbour.

 18 07 Te Ana Marina 042

Canterbury Concrete had been engaged by contractor Fulton Hogan to supply the concrete for the foreshore. “I was introduced to Lenard Renwick from Canterbury Concrete through Fulton Hogan and worked with him to achieve the concrete mix designs as laid out in the original concept plans,” says Hilary. “We wanted to draw on the different aggregates that are found around the site. Lenard was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped us achieve the desired outcome.”

“We were very happy to work with Hilary and the Boffa Miskell team to achieve the concept that they had for the foreshore development,” says Lenard Renwick from Canterbury Concrete. “Through practical testing and plenty of conversations we come up with a great result.”

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“Lenard suggested some helpful alternatives to achieve the look and feel we were after, one being the use of a red stone (McCullum Chip), which was used to draw upon the narrative of the surrounding volcanic landscape and rock,” adds Hilary. “Lenard was a great source of knowledge and sounding board. It was a very collaborative process.”

 Although the official opening is not until September the foreshore and marina is now available to the public for use and is a great space for everyone to enjoy – even though it's still a bit chilly!  

 Main Contractor:              Fulton Hogan   

Landscape Architect:        Boffa Miskell

Location:                            Te Ana Marina – Lyttelton

Products:                            Decorative Concrete mix designs  

                                                                           1. Obsidian (Black Chip) with black oxide

                                                                           2. Port Hills with Peter Fell #450

                                                                           3. Standard Concrete with McCullum Chip with Peter Fell #322

                                                                           4. Standard Exposed with White Pebble fleck


18 07 Te Ana Marina 68

18 07 Te Ana Marina 69