457mm x 305mm x 200mm H

The Keystone KeySteel® System is a high performance retaining wall system constructed with the durable and aesthetic KeySteel segmental block and KeyStrip inextensible (steel) soil reinforcement. KeySteel® System combines the ease of construction of a segmental block retaining wall system with the performance of a traditional large panel MSE retaining wall; resulting in an extremely stable, aesthetically appealing and cost-effective retaining wall structure. KeySteel® System was designed specifically for use with highway and heavy construction projects.

Suitable for Retaining, Bridge Abutments

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Durable Components: Inextensible steel reinforcement and 75 to 100 years of design life 

Aesthetic Appeal: Wide variety of color options, textures and patterns

Design Flexibility: Curves, corners and unique geometries

Ease of Construction: Quick and easy, no cranes required

Cost-Effective Results:  Competitive with other MSE structures

Intended for the Most Demanding Jobs : Deflections with steel reinforcement are reduced by over 66% compared to geosynthetic reinforcement



Seismic design loads are easily factored into the Keystone® KeySteel System design analysis. The semi-flexible (MSE) system handles seismic events better than more rigid systems. Keystone® KeySteel System structures have a proven track record of high performance, withstanding seismic events without failure or significant detrimental effects on the wall structure.



The strength and performance of a retaining wall system is an obvious top consideration for wall specifiers and designers. KeySteel® is one of the most durable retention solutions available. It features patented concrete block units that are manufactured to a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 psi.

The units are dry stacked and interlocked vertically and horizontally using high-strength fiberglass pins and galvanized steel pins. This method provides a very strong, mechanically interlocked facing system. KeySteel is also the ideal product for tall walls. 

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