50 50 Repair Mortar

Dricon 50/50 Repair Mortar is a blend of fine white sand and white and grey cement.

  • Ideal for repairs to precast concrete structures
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial applications
  • Pre-mixed for better consistency, time and labour savings and to minimise waste
  • Comes in a 25kg easy to use, plastic lined, multiwalled, unbleached paper bags
  • Is formulated to reach a target strength of 20 MPa in 28 days


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Dricon® App

Dricon® App

Are you using the right product for your job? The new and free Dricon® app makes it easy for professional tradespeople and serious DIY-ers to choose the optimum Dricon® product for large commercial projects or civil works to small home builds or fixes. App features include: Product Selector, Calculator, Stockist Locator. 

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Trade Trusted

Trade Trusted

While Dricon® has been in the market for 50 years, a passion for product innovation, collaborative customer input and a strong commitment to developing the range has seen a significant expansion to specialist Dricon® products available.