Did you know… that over two thousand years ago the Romans developed a simple system for building roads which consisted of a well-compacted base of limestone (or lime and gravel), covered with a tight fitting cut stone? It produced an excellent and economical roadway that remained virtually maintenance free in all types of weather. Some of these roads are still in use today.

While the Romans used natural cut stone for their surface; today’s modern paving stone is manufactured in high strength concrete under controlled conditions which produce units in many shapes and colours. 

The first concrete pavers weren’t produced until the mid 1940s and were first introduced in Holland (The Netherlands) in the 1950s as a replacement of paver bricks which had become scarce due to the postwar building construction boom. Also roads in Holland needed to be flexible due to a large proportion of the country being below sea level - meaning the ground shifts and sinks.  Poured concrete paths and drives were not an option because of its tendency to crack when the base isn’t solid. Individual units laid in sand tend to perform far better than those set in concrete in such environments.  Before the paver was made from concrete, either a real stone or a clay product had to be employed.

The history of the (Firth) Holland® paver Image Firth Holland® Paver in Black Sands

The first concrete pavers were shaped just like a brick, 4” by 8” (10 cm x 20 cm) and they were called Holland Stones - and still are today. These units turned out to be economical to produce and exceedingly strong. 

The history of the (Firth) Holland® paver ImageHolland Set® Paver in Black Sands


 The history of the (Firth) Holland® paver Image

The Firth Holland® Paver and Holland® Set Paver are available in a variety of modern colours and finishes and can be used for residential and commercial installations. Their simple shape lends itself to an immeasurable number of patterns and options, offering a durable and flexible paving system.  

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