RibRaft TC3®

The Firth RibRaft TC3® concrete slab is specially designed for those looking to rebuild on TC3 zoned land in Christchurch. Every Firth RibRaft TC3® floor is engineered to meet MBIE guidelines regarding performance in TC3 events. The system has been extensively tested to confirm the performance of all its components. Innovations in concrete mix designs, modulation and design/installation guidance often means that Firth RibRaft TC3® solutions can be installed faster than other options. Often construction is completed within 5 days. This solution is also very cost effective and often costs considerably less than other solutions.

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Advantages of Firth RibRaft® TC3 system

Advantages of Firth RibRaft® TC3 system

  • Cost effective solution, often costs considerably less than other solutions
  • Can be re-levelled multiple times in the event of further large earthquakes
  • Designed to ensure that services such as water, sewer and electricity have a high degree of protection.
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Talk to us

For further advice on RibRaft® TC3 floors contact Firth Christchurch office on 0800 FIXTC3 (0800 349 823) or email ribraftTC3@firth.co.nz 

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