Twenty years ago Firth created RibRaft® - New Zealand’s first pod floor system. The Firth RibRaft® system has now become one of NZ's most popular solutions for residential and light commercial flooring. This innovative method of concrete floor construction sits 'on' the ground not 'in' the ground making it seismically strong. The system uses polystyrene pods, steel reinforcing rods, plastic spacers and RaftMix™ concrete. Each of the components fit simply together, dramatically reducing labour time and costs.

Plenty have tried to replicate the original, but there is only one RibRaft® floor, and only Firth RibRaft® carries a CodeMark® certificate.

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Advantages of Firth RibRaft®

Advantages of Firth RibRaft®

Advantages of RibRaft® floor system include:

  • seismically strong
  • energy-efficient concrete floors
  • time, labour and cost savings (by eliminating the need to dig footings)
  • cleaner construction, with far less excavated material and waste


Firth RibRaft® is now certified through Bureau Veritas which specialises in the certification of building products and hardware to both Australian and New Zealand Standards and the Building Codes of Australia and New Zealand. View our certificate here.

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