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Firth teams on deck at PP20

NZ Transport Agency’s latest Wellington Northern Corridor project - a four lane highway that will bypass Otaki - includes the construction of interchanges, rail and river overpasses and a huge amount of concrete from the local Firth teams.


Firth Paveware™ makes alfresco dining a pleasure in Whitianga

Stage one of Whitianga’s much needed town centre upgrade was officially opened in April and features attractive, wide paved areas using Firth’s Paveware™ allowing cafes and restaurants to finally offer alfresco dining options to patrons.


Vinegar Lane – a new mixed-urban design … all in concrete

Vinegar Lane in Auckland’s Ponsonby is an exciting example of urban redevelopment and medium-density living. These small apartment buildings, designed by different architects to add interest and diversity to the street, have been constructed from precast concrete panels, with seven of them fabricated and constructed by Concrete Structures Ltd using concrete from Firth.


Can concrete float?

Apparently so, according to University of Auckland undergraduate students Nick and Logan who built and raced their concrete canoe against rivals Canterbury University at the national Concrete Conference in October.


X-Pod® the next generation of foundations is here

Twenty years ago Firth revolutionised the world of residential house construction with the introduction of the RibRaft® concrete foundation systems. They went on to become the most popular foundations in the country.


The lowdown: Rigid vs Flexible pavements

Paving large areas for commercial or residential use can require a large investment. To protect your investment it helps to understand the performance of your paver and the role the...


A mix of old and new with stunning results

The renovation of an old home can be a daunting prospect when trying to meld original elements with what people expect from their homes in today’s modern world.