Engineered Concrete

Every project is different and we understand that here at Firth. Which is why we have concrete specialists/experts who will work with you to develop custom Engineered Concrete specific for your next project.

Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill is a mix that can be used as a substitute for conventional granular hardfill materials.

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Self Compacting (SCC)

Firth Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a concrete that flows into place under its own weight.

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High Durability

High performance, dense, strong concrete made with silica fume or fly ash.

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Fibre Reinforced (FRC)

Uses steel fibres to enhance the toughness and flexural strength of concrete.

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Sprayed concrete offers a cost effective alternative to other methods of slope stabilisation.

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Uses a near zero slump concrete using open graded materials to create a permeable surface.

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Piling, Diaphragm Wall & CFA

Mixes can be tailored for extended workability and stability required for high spec piling operations.

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Mass / Low Heat

The heat build-up being limited by the appropriate use of supplementary cementitious materials.

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No Fines

As the names suggests, no fines concrete is a concrete without a normal sand fraction.

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