It’s out! Firth HotEdge® slab edge insulation.

It's the secret to help make warmer, drier, healthier kiwi homes that a lucky few architects and builders have known for years - and now they're revealing to help your designs and builds achieve H1 compliance!

Firth HotEdge® products have been developed to improve the thermal performance of homes with concrete foundations in conjunction with any cladding system. It’s the smart way to close a building’s thermal envelope to reduce cold spots where moisture can form, and all without having to compromise the design integrity of your project.

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Firth’s HotEdge® range of proven foundation insulation solutions take another step forward in helping make warmer, drier and healthier homes easier to design and build.

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Easily calculate and design your slab foundation insulation.

These free resources are available to make designing and building warmer, healthier Kiwi homes so much easier.

Online R-Value Calculator

Calculate an H1 R-value solution for your concrete
foundation with our HotEdge R-Value Calculator

R-Value Calculator

Design with Wafflesuite™  

Design RibRaft X-Pod® foundations for complex soil
types and calculate a custom thermal solution with Wafflesuite™