Reach your carbon target with Firth EcoMix® low carbon concrete

It’s up to all of us to reduce our carbon emissions, which is why all Firth concrete is now EcoMix®, 10-20% lower in carbon*.

Firth EcoMix® concrete is lower in carbon because it’s made with Golden Bay EcoSure®, NZ’s lowest carbon general purpose (GP) cement. EcoMix®+ is designed with SCMs (supplementary cementitious materials) to further reduce the level of embodied carbon (EC) in the concrete mix.

As a part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)’s Building for Climate Change programme, reporting on embodied carbon for new buildings is set to become mandatory in 2025. So, you’ll need to declare your Carbon Number (Carbon Reduction Target or Global Warming Potential, also known as GWP) for every project.

And that’s where we can help - with your Carbon Number our Firth experts will understand your sustainability goal and supply the right EcoMix® low carbon concrete that’ll deliver to your target, easy.

*Reduction in embodied carbon dependent on mix design and plant location and is compared to 2020 EC Baseline (ISC) for ready-mix concrete provided by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council from the Materials Calculator NZ 2.0


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Same Strength, Same Performance, Verified

Firth low carbon concrete offers the combination of reduced embodied carbon with the highest quality standards of Firth concrete ensuring strength, performance, appearance, and workability are maintained.

Firth's Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides transparency through a verified external assessment of Firth's manufacturing processes.  



Embodied Carbon (EC), Measuring Reduction

The EC Rating has been developed to measure the Embodied Carbon reduction of Firth concrete relative to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) 2020 baseline. Firth standard concrete is supplied at an EC10 level with a 10-20% carbon reduction*.

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EC Project Specific Calculation

With its new verified Embodied Carbon Concrete Calculator (EC³), Firth can now evaluate and design concrete mixes at a plant specific level to meet a customers desired Embodied Carbon (EC).

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