Pixel Paver

400 x 200 x 50mm 12.5 units per m2

With growing urbanisation there is an increase in hard paved areas, buildings and other impervious structures. These structures disrupt the natural flow of stormwater runoff and create heat sinks that need to be managed. The Pixel Paver system provides a visually flexible and attractive solution to increasing the permeability of urban areas.

Weight - 7.5kg (1,350kg per pallet)

No. per pallet - 180 (14.4m² per pallet)

Strength - 12 k/n on 250mm span

Note: Must be laid by accredited paviours. The Pixel Paver is part of a system that works with Firth's Commercial Paving Range or Firth's Porous Paver.

Firth EcoPave permeable pavers form part of specialised stormwater management systems that are engineer designed.   Installation should only be carried out by a trained professional installers to ensure they meet stated permeability rates and council requirements.

For a list of permeable paving installers in your area please contact the Firth team on 0800 347841 or send us an email at info@firth.co.nz


Suitable for Patios, Courtyards, Landscaping, Driveways

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