EcoMix®+ can reduce carbon intensity over 40% against the EC baseline. Engineered with higher proportion of cement
replacement additives, Firth can support designers and
contractors to achieve maximum sustainability outcome for
their project.

Firth EcoMix®+ is available in higher strength concrete for
a range of structural applications. For more details on product
suitability talk to our local Firth representative to assess the
CO2 reduction achievable for your project.

Embodied Carbon (EC), Measuring Reduction

The EC Rating has been developed to measure the Embodied Carbon reduction of Firth concrete relative to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) 2020 baseline. Firth standard concrete is supplied at an EC10 level with a 10-20% carbon reduction*.

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Same Strength, Same Performance, Verified

Firth low carbon concrete offers the combination of reduced embodied carbon with the highest quality standards of Firth concrete ensuring strength, performance, appearance, and workability are maintained.

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