Build for tomorrow today

As NZ's largest concrete company and a leader in concrete design and innovation, we are committed to understanding and mitigating any adverse impact our operation has on the environment and integrating the core principles of sustainability throughout our operation.

Implementing sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process is only the beginning of the contribution Firth makes to long-term sustainable building. Our Firth Sustainable Lifecycle motto is "Build For Tomorrow TODAY".

Green Buildings

Green Buildings increase the efficiency with which they use energy, water and building materials whilst reducing impacts on human health and the environment.

Firth makes significant contributions to Green Building through sustainable manufacturing practice and providing high thermal mass for passive energy design.  Firth is proud to be a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Environmental Management

We are committed to sustainability from our manufacturing to distribution. This includes the recycling of surplus raw ingredients, water and leftover concrete during manufacture and from sites through to the design, occupancy and ongoing maintenance over the whole life of the building. 

View how we manage daily operations at our concrete plants.

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