Piling, Diaphragm Wall & CFA

Firth have a long history of supplying concrete for use in specialist foundation applications throughout NZ. From bridges to tunnels to high rise structures, Firth have a suite of mix designs ready for supply, or our team of engineers can discuss requirements and tailor a mix design to specific purposes.

Bored Piles

Bored Piles typically require concretes with high slump capable of being dropped into place, or placed via tremie pipe for underwater applications. These concretes typically require a high degree of cohesion when placed underwater and the application methodology normally requires concrete with extended workability time.

Secant Piling

Firth have extensive experience in developing mix designs to meet the specific requirements that Secant Piling applications require. Mix designs can be tailored for the soft piles to allow for stability in deep piles, and for the suppression of early age strengths to allow drilling out of the subsequent hard piles. For hard piles, the mix designs can be tailored to accommodate the need for extended workability to allow plunging of cages. These mix designs are high flow concretes to allow effective placement through CFA piling methods.

Diaphragm Walls

For Diaphragm wall and deep foundation applications, specialist mix designs are generally required. These mix designs need to be high flow, with extended workability. They need to be stable and maintain their flow properties at depth to prevent bleed impacting their ability to successfully pass through reinforcing cages. 

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