Concrete Treatment

Dricon® CT is the new safe way to etch concrete or remove efflorescence and unwanted concrete build up!


1L, 5L & 20L Pails




  • Water soluble for easy, residue free rinsing
  • No acid fumes - can be used indoors and outdoors without special breathing equipment
  • No corrosion or rusting of most metals in surrounding environment
  • Non aggressive to skin & metals
  • 150x less corrosive to steel and 500x less corrosive to aluminium compared to 20% hydrochloric acid
  • On-demand technology - Dricon® CT only becomes active when exposed to the target surface (concrete) unlike normal acids that
    release all their available activity immediately and indiscriminately

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CT Applications

CT Applications

  • Assists in the removal of powdery fines from new concrete
  • Assists in the removal of efflorescence
  • Etch (‘acid wash’) concrete prior to painting or sealing safely (separate application)
  • Restores decorative concrete to a clean finish prior to reseal
  • Cleans tools, pumps, mixers used in concrete preparation
  • Removes concrete splashes from windows*, paintwork and vehicles safely
  • * When cleaning anodized aluminium framed windows, mask off the aluminium or rinse any run-off/overspray immediately
Trade Trusted

Trade Trusted

While Dricon® has been in the market for 50 years, a passion for product innovation, collaborative customer input and a strong commitment to developing the range has seen a significant expansion to specialist Dricon® products available.