HandiPatch® is an environmentally conscious and high-performance asphalt pavement repair solution designed for fixing holes in asphalt and concrete surfaces. Manufactured using recycled asphalt, HandiPatch® is not only easy to use with its simple sweep, fill, and compact process, but it also promotes sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of pavement repairs.


AVAILABLE IN: 20kg bag or pail


0.012m³ / 20kg bag or pail


  • Easy to use

  • Simply sweep, fill and compact

  • No mixing or water required

  • Use in all weather conditions

  • Repaired area can be trafficked immediately

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Trade Trusted

Trade Trusted

While Dricon® has been in the market for 50 years, a passion for product innovation, collaborative customer input and a strong commitment to developing the range has seen a significant expansion to specialist Dricon® products available.