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EV Truck

Meet our new green machine, a battery powered concrete truck.



Bricks are back in style.


Spectacular cantilevered concrete roof

Lovers of concrete, Jack McKinney Architects, designer Rachael Newnham and partner and builder Cameron Ireland (a craftsman of anything concrete), have produced a truly jaw dropping home.


Firth HotBloc® market announcement

In order to meet the growing market demand and focus on Firth's core masonry product lines we have made the decision to discontinue Firth's HotBloc® range as at 31st August 2021.


Firth PorousPave™ perfect for new Newbies

Newbies Early Learning Centre in Northcote on Auckland’s north shore, decided the family demographic in Birkdale included a lot of young families and would be the ideal location for a second Newbies Early Learning Centre.