No Fines

Permeable concrete is renowned for its excellent drainage capabilities and Firth’s permeable concrete mix is no exception, designed for durability and minimal maintenance.

Firth can supply a 19mm permeable concrete, ideal for drainage behind retaining walls or where significant drainage is desired. This mix is best suited to be tipped directly into the required location, either off the chute, from a barrow or through a skip. The concrete is not suitable to be pumped through any type of concrete pump and it’s not suitable to conduct slump or compression testing on. The choice of the large aggregate means that the voids between individual aggregates is as large as possible and assists in the free movement of fluid through the concrete.

This product goes hand in hand with the Firth Keystone retaining wall systems and is used extensively for this application. In this application, it is often used next to soil and to prevent the soil filling the voids, using a geotextile filter fabric is key. If the voids in the concrete become clogged, the permeability decreases and maintenance in cleaning the structure may be required.

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