Standard Pumped

Firth provides a range of solutions for delivery of ready mix concrete to sites where access is difficult or elevation is required. These include standard mix designs for pumping applications, or specifically formulated mixes to meet your particular needs.

Please note that not all aggregate/pebble mixes are pumpable (e.g. structural mix or aggregate mixes with no fines). Talk to your local Firth representative for more details on product suitability. 

Technical information

Strength grade– 20 MPa to 50MPa (Higher strength can be achieved on request)

Slump – typically 120-140mm

Compliance –NZS3104, independently audited by Concrete NZ


Suitable for Paths, Patios, Courtyards, Floors, Driveways, Foundations

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A range of aggregate sizes (10mm, 13mm and 19mm) and strengths (20MPa to 50MPa) are available; depending on the pump type and the intended use of the concrete.

Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pumps

Grout Pumps (7-10mm aggregate): Grout pumps are suitable for 7-10mm aggregate. Grout pumps are mainly used for grout/block fill work. 

Line Pumps (13-19mm aggregate): Line pumps are suitable for 13-19mm aggregate. Line pumps are used for larger quantities of concrete - usually over two truckloads. They are capable of pumping aggregate, pebble mix, Flowable Fill™ and spray mix. 

Boom Pumps (13-19mm aggregate): Boom pumps are suitable for 13-19mm aggregate. Boom pumps are capable of pumping aggregate, pebble mix and Flowable Fill™ and some have booms which can reach up to 37 metres long.


Concrete Pumps

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