Rapidset® HS

High Strength RapidSet® Instant Post Hole Concrete is dry concrete with special additives that will make the concrete set in 15 minutes (at 21o Celsius) when added to water. However, warmer outside temperatures (summer) means a faster set time, colder temperatures (winter) means a slower set time.

High Strength RapidSet® Instant Post Hole Concrete is ideal for when you require 20MPa high early strength after 3 days (after 28 days 30MPa will be achieved).

AVAILABLE IN: 20kg bags








0.012M³ / 20kg bag


  • No bracing - just hold the post in position for a few minutes and High Strength RapidSet will go to work
  • High Strength RapidSet will set in 15 minutes
  • After one hour it will have gained significant strength to enable you to carry on working (e.g fixing rails), as long as the area is not exposed to rigorous use
  • No mess - no leftover sand, cement and stones to clear away
  • No mixing - just pour water into the hole and slowly pour High Strength RapidSet straight into the hole
  • Long term concrete expansion is minimised through use of advanced fast set technology
  • High Strength RapidSet is formulated to reach a target strength of 20MPa after 3 days and 30MPa after 28 days (under standard curing conditions)

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Trade Trusted

Trade Trusted

While Dricon® has been in the market for 50 years, a passion for product innovation, collaborative customer input and a strong commitment to developing the range has seen a significant expansion to specialist Dricon® products available.