RibRaft® HotEdge® Range

3000mm L x 25mm D

Introducing Firth’s latest innovations to the RibRaft HotEdge® range of foundation solutions: HotEdge Extra® and HotEdge Base®. 

Complimenting the current HotEdge® system, used for brick veneer clad homes, HotEdge Extra® is an integrated solution specifically developed to improve the thermal envelope of non-brick veneer cladding systems on RibRaft® or RibRaft X-Pod® foundations. 

HotEdge Base® in conjunction with any other RibRaft product, provides under slab perimeter insulation to achieve even higher thermal performance.

These fully integrated thermal solutions are designed and tested specifically with Firth foundation systems to assist in attaining Homestar™ points.  Our R-values have been proved via 3D thermally modelling to help you achieve compliance with the H1, (5th Edition) updates. 

Unique features of our systems are:

  • Durability: uses superior materials with rigorous manufacturing processes
    • The high durability of the system means less waste through handing damage.
    • The system is also resistant to moisture, retaining its R-value year after year.
  • Cost: HotEdge systems are very cost-effective way of achieving floor insulation requirements.
    • The pre-plastered surface helps reduce fi­nishing time.
    • Can be a less costly alternative to increasing wall thickness and insulation levels
  • Easy installation: fits easily inside form work and with regularly space Tornado screws securely integrating HotEdge® and HotEdge Extra® to the concrete slab
    • Fully compatible with all Firth’s RibRaft® systems including RibRaft TC3® and X-Pod®.
  • Quality: RibRaft HotEdge® and HotEdge Extra® system R-values have been proven through 3D thermally modelling.
    • Combine with HotEdge Base® to achieve desired R-value.

Get the Edge with Firth’s full range of durable, seismic and thermally rated foundation systems.  

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The pending H1 (5th Ed.) updates to the Building Code use a new calculation method to set the minimum R-value requirements for each climate zone.

There are now six Climate Zones (previously three) based on jurisdictional boundaries that take into consideration regional climatic data for more practical insulation levels. 

The Firth H1 R-Value Calculator tool uses the prescribed methodology in H1 (5th Ed.) - Energy Efficiency of the NZ Building Code to calculate the R-value for a variety of different Firth Flooring systems using RibRaft X-Pod®, RibRaft HotEdge Extra®, RibRaft HotEdge Base®.  The R-values calculated are applicable to all housing, and non- residential buildings up to 300sqm only


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