Firth Paveware™ makes alfresco dining a pleasure in Whitianga

Whitianga could arguably be the capital of New Zealand’s favourite holiday destination in the Coromandel. The township is the largest settlement on the peninsula and features a deep-water harbour attracting the boating set. A stones throw from popular beaches Pauanui and Whangamata, Whitianga it is the hub for what is happening in the area. Stage one of the much needed town centre upgrade was officially opened in April and features lovely wide paved areas using Firth’s Paveware™– allowing cafes and restaurants to offer alfresco dining options to patrons.

The project originally started in 2012 but had been put on hold by the board until it was picked up again in 2015. The much needed Whitianga town centre upgrade, intended to make the town centre a more inviting place for locals and visitors, had final concepts and plans by Boffa Miskell’s Tauranga office, signed off and the money set aside by early 2017. The tender for the construction work was awarded to Dempsey Wood with work getting underway later that year.




Bryan Sanson, Landscape Architect for Boffa Miskell, says that in the submission two options of paving had been recommended to Council for the large areas of sidewalk paving. “We specify Firth Paveware™ a lot as they are from a reputable company that Councils know will be around to supply the same paver in future, when areas may require repair or upgrading.”

Firth Paveware™ had been chosen for use in a similar, successful township upgrade in Te Puke. “Firth’s pavers had been down for a couple of years in Te Puke and were still looking great and were performing well. This helped the Council with their choice to use Paveware™ for the Whitianga upgrade.”

Joe Reece the JV owner of the local PlaceMakers supplied the pavers to local layer Garth from Garth’s Landscaping “There was a choice between Firth’s Paveware™ range and a product with a pre coated finish,” says Joe. “Taking into account the care required and the additional time it would take to lay this product, along with the wastage calculation, it was far more cost effective to specify Firth’s paving for all the areas.”

The pavers chosen for the upgrade were Firth’s Piazza® paver in Avon (400mm L x 200mm W x 80mm D) from the Paveware™ range and the trusted Holland® Paver in Black Sands (200mm L x 100mm W x 80mm D).




With stage one complete and stage two and three well underway, the areas of the township targeted for refurbishment have expanded. “The feedback through the Council on stage one has been very positive,” adds Bryan.

With everyone very pleased with the new areas of the township other areas of the town will also now receive attention. Initially 3,600m2 of paving had been specified for all the work but with that amount already supplied, there is still a lot more to do on the other two stages.

“The choice to use Firth Paveware™ was the right one,” adds Bryan. “Garth and his team did an amazing job in laying the paving which has meant a great result all around.”


Principal: Thames-Coromandel District Council
Main Contractor: Dempsey Wood
Lead Consultant / Landscape Architect: Boffa Miskell, Tauranga
Engineer Design Support: WSP-Opus Tauranga
Paving Contractor: Garth’s Garden and Landscaping, Whitianga
Customer: PlaceMakers, Whitianga
Location: Whitianga Town Centre
Product: Firth Paveware™ Piazza® paver in Avon (400mm L x 200mm W x 80mm D)
Firth Paveware™ Holland® Paver in Black Sands (200mm L x 100mm W x 80mm D)